Τhe Industrial and Digital Innovations Research Group puts a very high priority on Research and Innovation activities, characterized by the implementation of a trans-disciplinary approach, integrating engineering, environmental, economic and policy expertise, in close cooperation and collaboration with stakeholders and decision-makers. 

The overall effort has been supported by a diversity of successive and concurrent Research and Innovation Projects. This enables the exchange of information and experience with a wide range of European and Mediterranean Research Centers, Institutes, Universities, as well as the Industry.

Research Projects

Research and innovation projects are mainly funded by the European Union. Individual or small-group research is carried out within the purely academic context of doctoral and post-doctoral research.


Advancing Sustainability of Process Industries through Digital and Circular Water Use Innovations


Energy-Aware Factory Analytics for Process Industries


Smart Integration of Local Energy Sources and Innovative Storage for Flexible, Secure and Cost-EfficIent energy Supply on Industrialized Islands


Dynamic Information Management approach for the Implementation of Climate Resilient Adaptation Packages in European Regions


A Holistic Fire Management Ecosystem for Prevention, Detection and Restoration of Environmental Disasters


Product Passport through Twinning
of Circular Value Chains



A Holistic Approach to Sustainable, Digital EU Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock and Rural Development based on Reconfigurable Aerial Enablers and Edge Artificial Intelligence-on-Demand Systems


Adrion Master On Circular Economy




Air-Pollution Alleviation in urban areas through parking spaces Innovative exploitation towards climate change mitigation

Greece 4.0

Network of Excellence for the Development,
Dissemination and Application of
Digital Transformation Technologies in the Greek
Manufacturing Industry

XTRACT: Starting soon

A Sustainable Ecosystem
for the Innovative Resource Recovery
and Complex Ore Extraction

AGRARIAN: Starting soon

SpAce-AIr-Ground Last Mile InfRastructure
Dynamic PrOgrAmmable DistRibuted EnvIronment
For Edge FArmiNg

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