The Industrial and Digital Innovations Research Group is a team of researchers engaged in research and academic activities at the School of Production Engineering and Management of the Technical University of Crete.

We are interested in the application of emerging technologies in various Production systems. The group, led by Assist. Prof. George Arampatzis, has a diverse spectrum of backgrounds including Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Information & Communication Technology and Decision Management.

Our mission is to apply research activities to develop and apply new and innovative solutions, at the intersection of Production Systems and Information and Communication Technologies, for delivering high-value services in dynamically changing environments.

Our vision is to advance the state of the art through leading edge research and development in industrial and digital technologies.

To fulfill its Educational role, as part of the School of Production Engineering and Management undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum, the indigo carries out study courses, comprising theoretical lectures and practical training in the fields of Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Rational Energy Management.

Indigo also develops, in collaboration with the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (CIHEAM MAICh), postgraduate courses, focusing on the Digital Technologies in Agriculture and Water Management.

As an independent Research unit, indigo carries out applied research and development that traverse four pillars, Process Engineering, Circular Economy, Environmental Engineering and Digital Innovation, applied to various production and supply systems including Industrial, Agricultural, Energy and Water.

Exploiting the latest digital technologies as well as innovative physical process technologies and closed-loop circular practices we strive to bring cyber-physical approaches into production systems, advance system modelling and optimize engineering design and operation.

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