The Industrial and Digital Innovations Research Group participates in several undergratuate and postgraduate courses at the School of Production Engineering and Management of the Technical University of Crete, as well as in educational projects in collaboration with other academic institutions.

Undergraduate Courses

Heat Transfer - School of Production Engineering and Management (7th semester)

  • Introduction to heat transfer
  • Heat transfer modes
  • One dimensional, steady state heat conduction
  • Thermal resistances
  • Conduction with heat generation
  • Cooling fins
  • Multi-dimensional heat conduction
  • Transient heat conduction
  • Numerical methods in heat conduction
  • Introduction to heat convection
  • Boundary layer, laminar and turbulent flow, boundary layer equations
  • Similarity theory
  • Analogies in heat and momentum transfer
  • Heat convection in internal and external flows
  • Introduction to heat radiation

Fluid Mechanics - School of Production Engineering and Management (6th semester)

  • Introduction to fluid mechanics
  • Fluid properties
  • Hydrostatics, Hydrostatic pressure prism
  • Eulerian and Langragian flow description, streamlines, pathlines
  • Flow equations, integral form
  • Flow equations, differential form
  • Stream function. Velocity potential
  • Bernoulli equation
  • Rotational and irrotational flow fields
  • Euler equations
  • Newton law for viscosity
  • Navier-Stokes equations
  • Laminar and turbulent flow in pipes. Moody diagram
  • Major and minor losses in pipes
  • Flow in pipe networks

Graduate Courses

Rational Energy Management in Production Systems - School of Production Engineering and Management

  • Introduction to the energy problem
  • Principles of energy analysis and energy efficiency of production systems
  • The energy system. Energy chain. Principles of systems theory
  • Primary energy and final energy
  • Energy balance at process and system level
  • Rational use of energy in the industrial sector
  • Heat and Power co-generation systems
  • Rational use of energy in transport
  • Rational use of energy in the domestic sector
  • Energy Materials Technology – “Intelligent” materials and energy saving devices
  • Energy saving policies
  • Energy management. Energy auditing
  • Economic and environmental dimension

ICT for Agriculture and Water Resources Management - Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania

  • Revolution 4.0
    • Ιndustrial revolutions
    • Agricultural revolutions
    • Water management revolutions
  • Current trends and challenges in agriculture industry
  • State of art practices and applications
    • Produce differently using new techniques
    • Increase efficiencies in food value chain
    • Incorporate cross–industry practices
  • Enabling technologies: Hardware
    • Robots and cobots
    • Global navigation satellite systems
    • Unmanned aerial vehicles
    • Internet of things
  • Enabling technologies: Software and services
    • Farm management information systems
    • AI & Big data analytics
    • Blockchain technologies
  • Enabling technologies: Cyber Physical Systems and Digital Twins

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