Project Information

Title: Product Passport through Twinning of Circular Value Chains

Funded under: Horizon 2022 (visit Cordis page)

Overall budget: € 7 652 750

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Role of TUC indigo team

TUC will be the work package leader of digital circular value chain framework .TUC leads Task 1.2 with the support of pilot
partners. Technological/research partners will support the definition of the reference framework by understanding the
underlying ICT needs in the pilot scenarios

Project Description

Plooto aims to deliver a Circular and Resilient Information System (CRIS) to support manufacturers in their green, digital and circular transition. CRIS enables waste reduction and end-to-end traceability of Secondary Raw Materials (SRM) through interconnected digital services for real-time decision making, monitoring and certification of materials and products.

To achieve the target Plooto delivers:

a) a transformation framework based on traceability strategies for materials/products per business case, with reference processes for SRM use from waste deposit to new products, and governance models for circular value chains;

b) ICT tools for modelling product, production processes and supply chains, as an aggregation of individual component Digital Twins with cognition capabilities (cognitive Digital Twins – CDTs);

c) Data will feed RM-recovery and waste dataspaces allowing the provision of material certification and product passport; and

d) A circular sustainability balanced scorecard (framework+toolkit) to assess impact of decision-making at CDT level based on various KPIs.

The solution will be piloted in three different circular supply chains demonstrating waste reduction, reusability of scrap and production by-products, operational improvement.

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