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Title: Dynamic Information Management approach for the Implementation of Climate Resilient Adaptation Packages in European Regions

Funded under: Horizon 2020 (visit Cordis page)

Overall budget: € 16 224 768

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Project Description

How can we adapt to the intensifying weather conditions that threaten our way of life? From floods in Germany to wildfires in Greece and Turkey; water shortages in Northern Europe and heatwaves in Siberia, we are already experiencing events that impact people’s health, livelihoods and assets.
To help accelerate Europe’s climate adaptation strategy and meet the European Union’s ambitions to become the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050, IMPETUS was launched in October 2021. Its objective: turn climate commitments into tangible, urgent actions to protect communities and the planet.
With 32 partner organisations based in 9 European countries, IMPETUS is 1 of 4 EU-funded projects that are coordinating on climate adaptation.

IMPETUS has demonstration sites in 7 of Europe’s 11 biogeographical regions, as defined by the European Environment Agency. In these sites, our project teams are:
• testing various relevant technologies and nature-based solutions that will mitigate the local impacts of climate change;
• engaging with local communities, policy-makers and businesses in co-creation of knowledge, policies and innovative approaches relevant to their situation;
• encouraging ‘ownership’ of adaptation measures by local stakeholders so they sustain activities after IMPETUS project ends;
• gathering knowledge about scientific, technical, social and policy developments in local ‘Resilience Knowledge Booster’ (RKB) hubs;
• knowledge sharing at local and regional level through events, learning materials, promotional activities etc. centred around the RKBs.

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