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Title: Adrion Master On Circular Economy And Bioeconomy

Funded under: This project is supported by the Interreg ADRION Programme funded under the European Regional Development Fund and IPA II Fund

Overall budget: € 1 009 250.62

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Project Description

Starting from the need to foster the thematic link between Circular Economy and BioEconomy, both having for example, food waste, biomass and bio-based products areas of intervention, the project “Adrion Master On Circular Economy and BioEconomy (AMOCEAB)” aims to raise specific competences in these fields, through the establishment of a Transnational Network, an a Master’s Degree Programme in the ADRION Area.
The goal will be achieved through a shared path, involving high research institutions and business support centres within the ADRION Area, with the aim to:
1. enhance the capacity of the involved universities and supporting business organisations to develop solutions and knowledge focused on the Circular and Bio-Economy;
3. promote and disseminate the new academic path, to considerably increase the capacity of universities and business support organisations to produce expertise in Circular and Bio-economy solutions.
Two are the main outputs following the achievement of these objectives:
1. the creation of an AMOCEAB Transnational Network, which through meetings, roundtables, literature review and a Winter School/BootCamp, open to the participation of all partner, will jointly define the rules and the technical-scientific Master’s contents. The network will be configured as a sort of an open lab, through which the participants will be able to exchange and disseminate their scientific knowledge, but also an opportunity for scientist and experts to acquire new competences on Circular and Bio-Economy and their theoretical and practical applications.
2. the development of a Strategy and Action Plan to ofster Circular and Bio-Economy key principles with the creation of a Master’s Degree Programme. This academic course will be configured as a transnational learning path, throigh which students could spend periods of study from abroad to follow different modules/lessons, under the responsibility of each university involved in the AMOCEAB network. Modules and lessons will have a close relevance to the most recent industrial and technological social challenges to be faced by scientists and technicians, encompassing for instance the application of Circular and Bio-Economy models in cities and industries, the link between materials and energy balances, methods, techniques for health and environmental risk assessment and management, water-energy-food-ecosystem-carbon-nexus and many others.

The Master will have a practical cut, training students with innovative activities and compulsory internships, necessary for the creation of new professional figures specialized in Circular and Bio-Economy, to be used as “agents of change” by public and private entities, in the ADRION area.

Project main aim:

AMOCEAB aims to increase specific skills through the establishment of a Transnational Network and the organization of a Master’s Degree Programme in the ADRION Area. This Master will enhance the skills of the students involved and will support business organizations to develop solutions and know-how focused on the green sustainability. Main topics:
• Environmental engeneering
• Biotechnology
• Biodiversity
• Circular Economy
• Social impact
• Sustainable business models
• Digitalization

For more information, please visit: Adrion Master on Circular Economy and Bioeconomy

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